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1st Dec 2015

Olubankole Wellington: Banky W

On this episode of #TUWOG, I rub shoulders with one of Forbes magazine's richest musicians in Africa, BankyW!

He helps me discover happiness in a cup as he spills the tea (well, Peach Ciroc) on How-To-Make-It-In-Nigeria, the trick to getting the biggest chicken in the cooking pot and owning your voicein a crowd. He mentions his blog, The Bank Statements which he started updating again in 2015. For older posts (circa '07-12), see here.

Time Stamp

  • Young BankyW (05:50)
  • Being truthful to yourself will bring you the happiness you seek from others (14:25)
  • Are you a product of your environment? (15:20)
  • You are who you say you are (24:09)
  • On setting career goals & being obsessed with the chase of success (30:43)
  • Doing it afraid (35:25)
  • There was rock bottom and then a robbery (38:22)
  • God, dogged determination and throwing in the towel (45:59)
  • ‘In pursuit of your dreams, falling down is inevitable, but getting up is optional’ (47:20)
  • We all have baggage but excess luggage is expensive (49:26)
  • Be your own hero (53:58)
  • Dream it, do it, don’t give up on it (01:06:22)
  • Most embarrassing incident in four words (01:08:34)

The Unsullied Book Club

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This week, BankyW recommends:

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