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16th Sep 2020

Osaretin Oswald Guobadia

Osaretin Oswald Guobadia is co-founder, executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of DBH Solutions, a building infrastructure and top tier technology solutions provider in West Africa.

His new book, ‘In Pursuit: Journeys in African Entrepreneurship’, co-written with Chukuka Chukuma is available now on Amazon, Apple Books and other platforms.


  • What I nose is: a lineage, a village, an owner and the king - an origin story (00:05:25)
  • Be intentional with creating rituals that become a part of your identity (00:10:48)
  • Your identity will remind you of your humanity (00:15:42)
  • Walk that talk. Speak your vernacular (00:19:40)
  • Are you conscious of what your DNA is carrying? (00:24:50)
  • On passion, risk and the fearless life of an entrepreneur (00:27:55)
  • Success is... (00:33:05)
  • Speak directly to the Billy in your life (00:42:09)
  • MoveMeBack (00:48:05)
  • BYOE (00:53:22)
  • Have an Inspector Gadget approach to tasks (00:56:22)
  • Are you a VUCA-nicer? “Meyur your preyur” in your mental gym (01:03:46)
  • Life’s a beach fahm (01:12:05)
  • Giving you The Tale of Despereaux vibes - the mouse that will not cower (01:17:01)
  • Fried plantain issa goal (01:25:07)
  • For your reading consideration (01:28:39)
  • An embarrassing short tale (01:39:20

The Unsullied Book Club

Oswald recommends:

  • What You Do Is Who You Are: How To Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.
  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the Creator of Nike. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.


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